Moved by the crimes that, in their extreme horror, have surfaced in reality, and pushed by the echoes of their catastrophic lives, the Haitian sugar-cane cutters in the Dominican Republic, together with Dominicans in the Bateys as well those in solidarity, coalesce into one voice: that of permanent resistance. In contrast to that, how ephemeral is Haitian “civil society.” It is for their survival –- facing their extermination –- that they are in confrontation with which, at the level of their political consciousness, is clearly expressed as the main target: the presidency.

Thus, according to the information they have communicated to us:

“For our part, the sugar-cane workers, from February 25th of this year have set up a permanent vigil in front of the Presidential Palace, demanding a 3rd Pension Act for the sugar-cane workers.”


“For Monday March 16th, we will have a strong concentration of sugar cane workers at the Presidential Palace. And on Wednesday March 18th, a march to the Presidential Palace.”

As we have already stated, their last protest movement was brutally interrupted, repressed and buried in hatred.

Wednesday March 18, again they are going to risk everything: the Haitian sugar-cane cutters in the Dominican Republic!

To those who understand, know, and internalize fully the magnitude of this historical moment, we ask them to send their support to those Haitian warriors, paradoxically the true guarantors of our independence:


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