Rapid Response Network collects signatures for statement to denounce assassination attempt

YSolidarityColorOn Monday, 2/9/15, the Rapid Response Network will deliver a statement to Yannick’s attackers at CNOHA.

Please sign the statement so we can reach 100 signatures before then!


BIG thanks to all who have signed on so far!

First Name Last Name Organization/Field/Occupation City, State Country
Faiezul Hakim President,Bangladesh Trade Union Federation [TUF] Dhaka BANGLADESH
Kevin Buchanan kook Salt Spring Island, B.C. CANADA
Rachael Charbonneau One Struggle Sudbury Sudbury, Ontario CANADA
PHYLIDOR ANOL Coordinator Of Programm HAITI
Nathalie Lamaute-Brisson Economiste Port-au-Prince HAITI
Noel Sequeira Student New Delhi INDIA
Felix Acuna Centro Autonomo Chicago, IL USA
Eric Tenza Teacher Chicago, IL USA
Malcolm Emerich Brooklyn, NY USA
Linda Thurston Brooklyn, NY USA
Rebecca B. Wilk legal secretary Woodstock, NY USA
Harold Geddings Sheet Metal Workers Local 399 Barnwell USA
Beth Kasner Berkeley, CA USA
Ankur Patel Teacher Los Angeles, CA USA
Jiah Kim Boulder, CO USA
Ashley Seymour Fundraiser Denver,CO USA
Shaunda Cunningham ISO Denver, CO US
Eldon Weaver Cooper City, FL USA
Evan Rowe professor Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Jeff Weinberger Broward Homeless Campaign/Working group to end homelessness Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Stephanie McMillan cartoonist Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Baby Bear Gulfport, FL USA
Sally Francis Burnpile Press Jacksonville, FL USA
keela porper brow Jacksonville, FL USA
Andrea Nunez Seed 305 Miami, FL USA
Kaan Ocbe Research Assistant at Florida International University Miami, FL USA
Urs Garcia student Miami, FL USA
Richard Morales Miami, FL USA
Jorge Quintana Miami USA
Sarah Cruz WDNA-FM, Miami & One Struggle Miami, FL USA
Alicia Cruz Student Miami, FL USA
Lissette Miller Community Organizer Miami, FL USA
Brendan Sutton carpenter/farmer Miami, FL USA
Imena Valdes student Miami, FL USA
Jack Lieberman Progressive Rags North Miami Beach, FL USA
Dr. Karen Dwyer Stonecrab Alliance Naples, FL USA
Malia Bruker Professor, Florida State University Tallahasee, FL USA
George Geanuracos technology Richmond, VA USA
Frank Coughlin MD USA
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