On the morning June 11th, we transmitted our message to the Brazilian embassy in Haiti. The document is below.


Via Mr. José Luis Machado E. Costa, Brazilian Ambassador to Haiti

Madam President,

In this occasion of the 2014 World Cup which will be held in Brazil, we support without reserve and grant our total and unconditional solidarity to the mobilizations of the Brazilian people demanding health, education, housing, better wages, free transportation, amongst so many others…. instead of the billions that have been spent in stadiums and logistics. We know the Brazilian people’s love for soccer. If they have reached this point, it is because they are really fed up with it. Fed up with their execrable living conditions, fed up with the exploitation imposed by the big capitalists, national and international, and of the domination endured through your government.

The billions spent will, as always, benefit big capital. Even entrance tickets attain exorbitant sums for an average citizen. The presence of a government emerged from a workers’ party changes nothing, except to lend the mystification we know, as, recently, do all the populist governments of Latin Ameica.

In this sense, your government would do best to answer the popular demands, instead of blindly repressing in the sole objective of guaranteeing capitalist supremacy.

It this same line of thought, we wish to remind the government you head that the MINUSTAH has brought nothing at all to the Haitian people either. Quite the opposite: not only has it been very costly, but additionally this mission has only spread illnesses, rapes, exactions of all sorts and generalized repression, always in defense of the big capitalists, large landowners and other “big-eaters” of the government.

Worse: presently, the general “development” plan (in other terms: of workers’ exploitation and domination) is being implemented by a self-declared neo-duvalierist government. With the openly totalitarian functioning that belongs to its very nature. Although, initially, the presence of the “seleção” could fool the people, now, after ten years of exactions and repression: it is time for this sinister mission to leave1

Furthermore, we know perfectly that the heads in office will never convey this demand of sovereignty. They admit so themselves: MINUSTAH is their main support in the implementation of the bloodiest plan of endless exploitation and totalitarian domination they are charged to carry out. We must therefore be clear: this is the government you support!

Thus, we publicly denounce the shameless domination with which a government emerged from a workers’ party is attempting to crush and humiliate the Haitian people, as it is attempting to as well against the Brazilian people.

For Batay Ouvriye,

Didier Dominique



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