Fruit Of The Loom Statement In Response To Report Regarding Haiti Minimum Wage Issues of the loom

We are greatly concerned about the recent report from the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) regarding the issue of minimum wage compliance in the Haitian garment industry. It is our view that the clear intent of Haiti’s minimum wage law is for production rates to be set in such a manner as to allow workers to earn at least 300 gourdes for 8 hours of work in a day. Based on our independent investigation, we concur with the WRC that the garment industry in Haiti generally falls short of that standard.

Fruit of the Loom’s Code of Conduct requires, at minimum, strict compliance with applicable laws. With respect to the Haiti minimum wage regulations, we are committed to ensuring that our Haitian suppliers come into compliance with the law of Haiti. For purposes of measuring wage compliance, we will utilize the standard that has been employed by the ILO/IFC Better Work Haiti program. We plan to engage with the WRC and other relevant stakeholders, including worker representatives in Haiti, to address this issue. We recognize that remedies for past violations will be a topic of this discussion.

For further information, please contact Stan Blankenship, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, at 270-781-6400.

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