Haiti’s poor majority pushed to the margins

Now is the time to seize opportunities in Haiti, a nation which can provide “incredible value” to other countries as well as to itself, especially by virtue of its private sector,’ says an article I just read on actor Sean Penn meeting with World Bank officials.

Another article, this time in the Guardian in 2009, advocates that Haiti should seize the ‘window of opportunity’ by mirroring Bangladesh’s garment industry. But Haiti should be running as far away as possible from the Bangladesh model which has, on more than one occasion in the past few years, resulted in the deaths of garment workers. Recently, over 1,100 people died in a factory collapse. Imagine the uproar if that number of US workers had died as a result of negligence – just so that we can buy T-shirts for $3.00 in Walmart.

After three years of regular visits and four months of living in Haiti, I have seen and heard so much bullshit being spouted about what is supposedly happening here. It bears little relationship with the Haiti I see around me, and the people I speak with
on a daily basis… …

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