Solidarity for Worker Struggle Against Gildan Manufacturer


A short while ago we informed you of the creation of a union duly
registered at the free trade zone of Caracol, in the North of Haiti.
However, when we went to submit these legal documents to the free trade
zone direction, at the H&S Global direction, we were categorically
rejected, the manager present, a certain Bernadin Etienne, representing
management, alleging that in this Zone, there was no place for such
“…jokes” !  And then, he openly threatened the members of the delegation
of immediate dismissal if they continued with this  “activity” (sic) !!!
Duvalierism continues to progress even more!

But worse has occurred! In a Port-au-Prince factory ( Clifford APAID’s
Premium Apparel) one of our comrades (member of the direction of a section
of SOTA, then established), because he organized a protest ( with the
quasi totality of the workers of the factory, unionized or not)
confronting the fact that the textile owners continued to refuse to pay
the 300 gourdes minimum salary effective since October 2012, was badly and
long beaten by one of the managers who, according to reports, was acting
in the name of management. Later on, our comrade was literally kicked out
by the factory security. He was so hurt that he had to be directly
accompanied to the nearest hospital.

This is the past (new formula) Duvalierist bourgeoisie that continues to
gain field, comfortable as it is in the dreadful situation in which the
country is and, naturally, especially the workers. All of this happening,
at the same time, before the eyes of the national and international
“social dialogue” commissions that, in these dark days, pretend, for their
good conscience (and purses) promote a “harmonious” functioning to these
increasingly antagonistic relationships.

This note, which serves as a denunciation and an alert to al sympathizers
to the cause of the workers and the people in general, also aims to serve
as a call for a determined collective action confronting this
domination-occupation, supra-determinating in this situation that
literally buries us day by day.

From Miami, where a One Struggle solidarity is organizing, our comrades
suggest we address Gildan directly, which is a very good and concrete
opportunity to see how those companies really feel about all the exactions
against the workers in Haiti. We are attaching the leaflet with the

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